Zombie Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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If you want the Minecraft version of an endless night filled with countless zombies ready to kill you, then the Zombie Apocalypse Mod is just right for you. With only a limited amount of time to gather all your materials to keep yourself protected, this mod enters the player into an endless night of constant zombie attacks!

The key differences between the regular server and the Zombie Apocalypse Mod are as followed:

  • You are entered into a never ending night.
  • The only monsters you will fight will be countless zombies ready to kill you.
  • You only have enough time to gather stone, wood, coal, and other common materials.
  • You can either fight countless zombies or countless creepers (depending on how you set up the mod).

If you are lucky, you can find a cave nearby that is rich in not only coal, but iron as well to make yourself some armor for the endless night of the Minecraft Zombie Apocalypse!

One Against the Many!

Whatever you do in the time allotted to you before the never-ending night is completely up to you; however, once night comes, be prepared for anything (especially if you are fighting against countless creepers!). Once it turns into night mode, countless zombies will spawn and you must do anything you can to stay alive. This mod allows you to truly test your skills as an avid Minecraft player to see how long you will survive!

This mod adds that ever-loved and never ending zombie attack that many people love to do for fun and to test their skills at the game. Unlike any other Zombie Apocalypse games, this mod combines endless zombies with the endless world of Minecraft, allowing you to kill or be killed anywhere throughout the game!

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