Zombe’s Modpack for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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Anyone inspired to augment his or her own Minecraft experience with a zombie apocalypse as a survivalist will have more than enough to play around with after installing this particular collection of mods.The zombies modpack for minecraft offers an impressive collection of various mods to enhance your gameplay. These mods include: Classic Building.

Gives you access to any material block you would like, as well as easily destroys any block (including Bedrock).

  • Cart Control. Gives you full control of mine carts; to the extent of controlling movement with your keyboard’s arrow keys, preventing a change in speed when going up or down an incline, stopping the cart instantly, and even enabling infinite fuel to powered carts.
  • Autostore. Allows you to store items on top of chests.
  • Death Behavior. Allows you to prevent losing your inventory upon dying, as well as modify health lost when respawning.
  • Digging Adjustments. Changes the workload required to dig through blocks, defaulting to your bare hands having the strength of a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Plant Growth. Causes saplings to root themselves after 10 seconds and allows various plants to spread across dirt ground.
  • Container Content Icons. Overlays a graphic on a container. Chests depict the first item in their contents, while furnaces show all components.
  • Item/Block Properties. Lets you play with the stacking limits, durability, light production and obstruction, breaking difficulty, explosion resistance, slickness, and fire interactions of blocks and items.
  • Ore Redistribution. Redistributes and saturates ore resources in a world.
  • Custom Crafting Recipes. Allows you to create new recipes and tweak existing ones.
  • Teleportation. Redstone lets you teleport to a specific coordinate along the x, y, and z axes.
  • Weather Control. Lets you trigger rainfall, thunderstorms, and even direct lightning strikes.
  • Multiplayer Mods

    In addition to the mods already mentioned, the mod pack includes several mods which function in both single player and multiplayer gameplay modes.

    • Cheat. See through walls, single player invulnerability, see ores through blocks, and see monster health (single player only).
    • Cloud Control. Adjusts height and presence of cloud cover.
    • Compass. Gives a second spawn point for the compass to point to.
    • World Information. Reveals (and can adjust) in-game time; coordinates along x, y, and z; and the current biome.
    • Path Tracker. Avoids getting lost.
    • Sun Control. Change/stop time.
    • Critter Spawn Highlighter. Indicates where insufficient light exists to prevent monster spawning.
    • Wield Key. Pressing the R key allows you to switch from wielding a bow to wielding a sword. Pressing it a second time will swap your weapon back to what you were initially carrying.

    Given all the wonderful toys that this pack gives, and despite the lack of any new recipes being pre-installed, it’s simply unthinkable not to install this mod pack.

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