Zombe’s Mod Pack for Minecraft 1.5.2

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No this thing isnt really about zombes :). It's one of the best Mod Collections out there, with a lot of usefull options and possibilities. You can manipulate speed, fly like a bird, digg faster and so much more. Check this great Mod pack out and have fun with it.

It was created and is maintained by Minecraft user Zombe, who calls it “the Swiss Army Knife of Mods.” Each mod is highly configurable, and users can pick and choose which mods they want to install.

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Mods for Single-Player

Single-Player includes mods that prevent players from losing all of their items upon death, as well as mods that teleport players, control the weather, and allow you to create your own recipes to use in-game. Here are some of the mods available for single-player:

  • Boom: gives you control over the destructiveness of TNT.
  • Cart: allows you to drive minecarts using the movement keys.
  • Chest: stores any item that you drop on top of a chest.
  • Death: saves your items by putting them in a chest when you die.
  • Growth: makes any plants that fall on the ground plant themselves.
  • Icon: shows icons of what a container holds on the outside of the container.
  • Spawn: change your spawn point and edit various options involving spawning.
  • Weather: toggles the weather and gives you the “Mayhem Mode” option.
  • Mods for Multi-Player

    This mod pack is a must-have for server administrators. You can give your server ops the ability to fly or grant privileges for individual features to the players of your choice. Here are some of the multi-player mods available:

  • Cheat: makes you invulnerable and allows you to change your stats.
  • Cloud: alters cloud height and maximum build height.
  • Compass: creates an alternate spawn point that works with a compass.
  • Info: shows extra info, including light levels and coordinates.
  • Path: displays and animates the path you’ve taken.
  • Sun: changes or freezes time.
  • Safe: creates a safe zone where dangerous mobs won’t wander.
  • Wield: assigns a key that lets you automatically wield your weapon when pressed.
  • Zombe’s Mod Pack is a useful tool for creating specialty maps for the community to download and for admin who want to have finer control over what users can do. It comes with an extensive and detailed help file and is regularly updated. This powerful functionality makes this one of the most popular mod packs to date.

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