Zombe Fly Mod Multiplayer for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Watch out, this is the best mod in the sandbox in a minute. Zombe fly mod multiplayer is a mod that includes all the best mods out there with a butter interface. This mod almost feels like cheating, it saves you time by speeding up the grinding and keeps the spawns under control and basically makes the game so much more fun and easy to play.

What awesome things are in this mod? Here are the highlights (in alphabetical order)

Boom = control the damage of bombsBuild = control classic building commands like infinite blocks, mines, and brushCart = Control your Minecart in MinecraftChests = Super time saver; put and item on a chest and it is automatically insideDig = Altering and control digging speed, no more sitting and waitingFurnace = Dirts to diamond and possibly custom recipes in the futureFly = Obvious! It is in the title of the mod, flying is the big dog for this game.Growth = Plant grow in 10 seconds, again, why sit and wait, speed up that messIcons = Show container content icons in front of the chestResize = Resize Critters; size and varietysafe = Highlight critter spawn – do not get caught unaware againSpawn = Spawn control mobs and others

craft, cloud control , death, item, ore, path, sun, teleport, weather, wield and Many More = nothing new but important to know they are in the mod

Finally – version 6.8.1 is compatable Minecraft 1.4.7 AND fixes most of the bugs that might have made you bent in other mods.

Zombe fly mod multiplayer for minecraft is a must have if you want to rule the game. Your friends probably already have it, that guy you can’t beat – he has it. If you stay up all night obsessed with the game you need this mod. Sure, you can play with out it but why?

Downloads for Zombe Fly Mod Multiplayer 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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