You are the Wither Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1/1.4.7

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This fantastic mod allows you to become the fearsome Wither boss monster from minecraft. This enables you to fly, hover in midair and cast powerful exploding wither skulls as you please. The skulls, which become your ammo, are craftable and rather expensive to keep the mod in balance. Flying as a Wither works just like flying while in creative mode.

Pressing the jump key twice will enter flight. Pressing space will increase your altitude and shift will slowly decrease your altitude until you land again. Double jumping while flying will immediately exit flight mode and you will fall to the earth like a rock. However as a whither you will not take fall damage! Flight mode does not require the server to have creative mode enabled. This allows you the ultimate power of being able to fly in Survival mode!

Surrounding a nether star with stone in a 3×3 crafting area will allow you to craft Wither ammo. This recipe will produce 230 skulls, which equates to three stacks of 64 and one stack of 38. Pressing the default key of ‘G’ on your keyboard will then release one wither skull that will propel itself to where your mouse was pointing at the time of key press. The skull will explode on impact, damaging nearby players and NPC’s. The skull will also impart the ‘wither effect’ on any creature it harms.

The wither ammo item does have the same name as the wither skull in the vanilla version of minecraft. You cannot however, use the original skull item as a source of ammo. An easy way to remember the difference in the two items is to look at the size of the skull in the inventory window. The vanilla wither skull has some free space around it as a border. The new wither skull ammo does not have any free space and fill the entire slot in which it is placed.

There are a few other fun features you will discover while using the You are the Wither Mod for minecraft. First, you can heal slowly just as the real Wither by pressing and holding the default key of ‘L.’ This action will slowly fill your health bar. Pressing the default key of ‘B’ will cause your character to send a powerful explosion outwards from their center. This explosion does heavy damage to other living creatures, but does not harm you in any way.

Animals and villagers will run away from you in terror if you approach them. This can be a little annoying if you are trying to shop in a local village. Punish them if you like by destroying their entire village in seconds. Likewise, normally hostile mobs will no longer fight you and instead welcome you in as one of their own. The mod creator did leave Enderman hostile so you can still kill the Ender Dragon if you so choose.

Of course, no Wither experience would be complete without a hero to fight! This mod also adds the iconic ‘Minecraft Steve’ hero’s to the world. These new hostile NPC’s will attempt to hunt you down and kill you. In addition to attempting to thwart you, the minecraft Steve NPC will build houses that are filled with treasure and other items you may wish to collect. This can range from sticks to diamonds and everything in between. Steve may generate in two different forms. The first is the original Steve who usually attacks with some form of enchanted iron sword, and the ‘Witch Steve.’ The Witch Steve will throw potions and attempt to heal themselves much like normal witches in minecraft.

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