You are the Creeper Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The Creeper mod for Minecraft is a software patch that players may use to modify Minecraft to play a Creeper modified version. The Creeper mod allows players to take a step away from the main game story and experience a new themed Minecraft game. Creeper Mod Gameplay As the game begins, the main character Steve is set on defeating the Creeper, until he realizes that he himself is the Creeper.

The Creeper mod allows players to guide the Minecraft character Steve through the Minecraft world in search of homes to bomb or burn down. The Creeper mod also inhibits mobs to follow the player around to other people’s homes and helps the player attack other homes without hurting the player themselves since they are the Creeper. There are also many other things that one may perform in the Creeper mod and they player will be joined by others also.

Creeper Mod Features

The Creeper mod enables a variety of different features that the player may take advantage of. For one, not only is the player able to become the Creeper but the player will also dawn a new skin as well. The Creeper may make Creeper bombs become bigger as well as make use of a Creeper Bag that the player can press B to create a 10-slot inventory without losing items if the player suicide bombs. Besides the Creeper Bag, the player may also utilize Creeper Nests which have the ability to automatically spawn more Creepers. Lastly, the Creeper mod makes all monsters become friendly towards the player as well as follow the player in mobs to aid in destroying other player’s homes. Because the player is moving around to destroy other player’s homes, the Creeper Minecraft mod automatically creates new miners and buildings in the Minecraft world.

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