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You Are Herobrine Mod

Download available for: 1.4.7

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The You are Herobrine Mod for Minecraft, or YAH Mod is a modification to the existing Minecraft game. The Herobrine Mod allows players to play as an evil character who pursues righteous characters; the player may perform various acts of evil on opposing characters depending on the situation. This mod also allows other features such as the ability to control spiders as pets, new weapons, ability to cast spells and more.

What The Player Can Do With The Herobrine Mod

With the Herobrine mod enabled, players will be allowed to gather together dark resource materials such as Bone, Emeralds, Platinum Ingot and Iron Nuggets. Besides the ability to gather dark resource materials, the player will also be capable of gathering items from defeated victims to aid in crafting new weapons. Weapons can be created from a victim’s heart and soul to yield ghastly looking weapon creations. The player may also use a victim’s flesh to craft the Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead item. This can be used for enchantment spells for a variety of different effects. As the player travels across the Minecraft field, they may eventually run into spiders whom they may control. When the player has spiders in their control, they may command them to attack mobs of characters and even climb walls when needed.

Herobrine Mod Main Features

    • Ability to gather dark resource materials.


    • Craft weapons & items from victim’s flesh, heart and soul.


    • Additional Ore to be found deep within the caverns.


    • New cast enchantment spells & crafting spells.


    • Ability to tame spiders & control them.


  • May pursue innocent characters.

How to download & install:

  1. Go to the You Are Herobrine Mod download page
  2. Download the file
  3. Follow You Are Herobrine Mod installation instructions
  4. Happy Crafting!
Download Page for You Are Herobrine Mod

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