XyCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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One of the newer mods for Minecraft is the Xycraft mod. Though still in the early phases this mod aims to add new ores, decoration blocks, and machines to Minecraft. Xycraft was initially known as a mod that simply added a bunch of glowing ores and blocks that didn't do much.

More recent developments have begun added machines to the game.

Aesthetics and Variety

One of the biggest complaints and features of Xycraft are the ores. They’re everywhere. They glow. They come in red, green, blue, black, and white. For some it is great exploring the caves with walls glowing in all kinds of colors. Others can get annoyed when they end up with half as much Xychorium gems as cobble. This is entirely up to each person. Xychorium does not provide any light to surrounding blocks, leaving caves pitch black.

These gems can be made into several types of blocks. From storage blocks in five colors, to structure blocks in 16 colors. Shield blocks are immune to TNT or even nukes, if the right mod is installed. Each of these blocks glows the same as the ores, but in different patterns. Xychorium blocks of all types prevent mobs from spawning on them. They make for great floors in areas that need to be kept dark. Providing both safety and a well defined path.

Xychorium can also by used to craft lamps in all 16 colors. These lamps can respond to redstone signals like redstone lamps. They have on by default and off by default varieties.


Xycraft is intended to have a variety of machines in it. Right now there are three basic types available. The fabricator, which is an automatic crafting table. The tank and its associated valves, which store liquids. As well as Xychorium soil. This last one is a bit different. It works like a fancy tilled soil block. Xychorium soil allows crops, plants, and trees to be placed on it. The block removes the need for water, tilling, and even provides a growth boost. The boost increases by stacking more blocks.

Right now Xycraft is being made to work with other mods. This means most if not all functionality will work with items added by other mods. It is still quite capable of being used on its own without other mods added on.


Here is a basic rundown of the features added by Xycraft:

  • Decorative ores and blocks.
  • New crops to grow and eat.
  • Storage tanks to hold liquids.
  • Compatibility with many mods.
  • Various machines to affect the world.

Xycraft is still in active development.

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