XP Bank Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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XP Bank for Minecraft allows the user to store experience points and save them for a later time. In addition, the XP Bank for Minecraft connects several banks together all at the same time. XP Bank is a sophisticated Mod that will easily store your experience points. This very simple but detailed Mod adds two new machines to the game.

XP Bank and XP Exchange machines can be both used for servers.

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Creating an XP Bank is quite easy and can be done within minutes. You will need four iron ingots, four diamonds and a default chest in order to create a functional XP Bank.

Once the XP Bank for Minecraft is created you can then store, save and collect your XP using GUI interface. In addition, the XP Bank is known to have an excellent security system in place.

If an outsider attempts to access your personal information an alarm is immediately sounded preventing an intruder from invading your privacy. The unique alarm system will sound an alert that will cover a radius of eight blocks.

XP Bank allows the user to create a “chest”. Multiplayer games allow the users to create a new block that will allow to transfer experience to a player of your choice. The transfer of experience is done through an interface that appears when you click the block from the bank.

XP Bank for Minecraft protects the users skill points. In addition, the user has the option to transfer skill points to other investors in exchange for other goods and services.

XP Bank for Minecraft is a unique tool which can be easily downloaded free of charge from the Internet. In addition, keep in mind XP Bank has one of the most unique and secure security system in place at all times.

Once XP Bank is downloaded it is important for the user to check for periodic updates and any program changes that could impact their personal information.

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