X-Ray for Minecraft 1.4.5

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X-ray mode for mine-craft < is a set of qualities added to the mine-craft game to add new features and enhance the gaming experience. X-ray mode makes it easier see through the mines, veins and provides an opportunity for the gamer to identify potential targets, and plan better on their next move.

In short, this mode makes it possible to see through the minefield and deposits.

The X-ray Mode enhances the following features

It makes exploration of mines easy, it does not totally, but make the process more guided since you pursue what you can see. The only task is for the player to

It makes it more strict, to play, as the gamer must follow the server rules, or else they will have to make necessary changes as advised by server administrators,

The mode also makes level the different textures thus making, user spot any ores, chests, cobblestones, torches and gems

Finally, it is important that server gamers check with administrators as the rules allowing the use of this x-ray mode. Most servers will not allow the use of this mode, it is wise therefore to check lest one gets banned from playing in specific servers.

In conclusion, the x-ray mode on minecraft makes things clear, easy and more fun.

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