WW2 Guns Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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WW2 Guns Mod for MineCraft is a mod that allows you to craft all new weapons that are not available to original MineCraft players. This mod is great if you want to have fun with some really cool weapons in MineCraft. And what is even better, this mod makes the crafting of weapons even simpler than before.

First, you are able to craft the new weapon boxes, which are German, American, and British, in a 3 by 3 box using the crafting GUI. Once you have the boxes crafted, as long as you have everything needed to craft your desired weapon or ammo, there is no need to make the weapon, it will just be available for you to use by clicking on it. Each weapon box has multiple guns to choose from and some come with scopes. The German box comes with 4 different guns, the British has 3 different guns, and the American has the most, offering players 5 different kinds of guns.

This mod offers all different kinds of guns so you will be sure to find one that is just right for you, whether you want a gun that is automatic, semiautomatic or a gun that is a one shot kill.

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