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WorldEdit CUI Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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If you are looking for a fun and time saving way to build new buildings, create different puzzles, etc., then the World Edit C.U.I Mod for Minecraft is a great way to build anything you want without placing every block down one at a time.

How the World Edit C.U.I Mod Works

With this interesting mod, you can easily create spheres, tall buildings or copy and paste buildings you created if you want to build a village. In single player, you can do various options, but you must know a couple things about how to use this mod.

  • Selecting First and Second Position. With this mod turned on for your creative mode single player world, you have to choose first and second positions if you want to build buildings in a time saving manner. Simply, you must have a wooden axe in your hand and left click on your mouse for First Position and right click for second Position.
  • Building Walls. With building four walls in a time saving manner, you simply just take blocks of whatever material you would like the building to be made out of, build it how tall you want it, and select a corner that is diagonal of your tower of material as your First Position. On your tower, you select a block as your Second Position, then enter in the command box “//walls [material used].” In seconds, you will have four walls of a new building.
  • Building Spheres. This part of the mod is the easiest and one of the most interesting. What you simply do is type in the command box “//sphere [material] 15,15,15″ or any other dimension and press enter. In seconds, you will have a large sphere of the material you used.
  • Copy and Paste. If you want to copy a building that you created for a village or a puzzle, you can copy and paste buildings or certain things of your choice. With buildings, you select two corners as your first and second positions, then type “//copy,” chose an area, then enter in “//paste.”

Adding More Ease and More Fun to Minecraft

By providing many other things that you can go through, this mod allows you to have a lot more fun and save precious time in creative mode if you are simply testing your creative skills or working on a puzzle. With easy-to-use commands, this mod brings an interesting excitement for you to enjoy!

How to download & install:

  1. Download and Install Modloader
  2. Download WorldEdit CUI Mod and unzip it. Chances are you’ve already done that.
  3. In the WorldEditCUI-build folder, copy the WorldEditCUI folder and all its contents to the .minecraft/mods directory.
  4. Start Minecraft!

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Download Page for WorldEdit CUI Mod
  • zdewd93

    Presuming this is NOT the download for a version of WECUI THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH MC 1.5……Awsome

  • Gary Boyer

    yes it woul;d be great to have this updated for 1.5.1 it is a awesome admin tool for regions.

  • NameLess

    It is updated. Look for the “litemod” file in the minecraftforum Thread. It works great!

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    try out this server

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    The download link just takes me to the MediaFire home page. Is there any other was I can download it? Thanks!!!!

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