Wither Bow Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2/1.5.1

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The Ender Dragon may be a challenge, but it's relatively tame compared to the Wither; a single Wither can lay waste to an entire Minecraft world by firing its Wither Skulls. The Wither Bow mod puts that raw power in the player's hands. The Wither Bow mod for Minecraft introduces two new items: the Wither Bow and Wither Arrows.

The bow itself is extremely expensive, costing three Wither Heads, three Nether Stars and a bow to craft. Because a Nether Star can only be obtained by killing a Wither, and each Wither takes three Wither Heads to create, you need a total of twelve Wither Heads before you can even get started. A Wither Skeleton only has a 2.5 percent chance of dropping a Wither Skull upon death, so you’ll need to kill around 480 Wither Skeletons on average to get this bow.

The Wither Arrows cost one Wither Skull and eight arrows to create a stack of 64, which isn’t too bad considering how valuable they are. When fired from a Wither Bow, these arrows take the form of a Wither Skull projectile and fly in a straight line, ignoring gravity completely. They create an explosion on contact, and on normal and hard difficulties they inflict the target with the wither effect, slowly draining its health.

It might be nearly impossible to obtain, but the Wither Bow is the ultimate Minecraft weapon. Maybe now the Ender Dragon and the Wither won’t be so difficult to defeat.

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