Vulcans Revenge Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2

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While many Minecraft mods are content to just add some new items, crafting recipes, or monsters; this particular mod is more concerned with seeding things for a challenge.After you've installed the Vulcans Revenge Mod for Minecraft by Hoopawolf, your world will have a Broken Sword spawned as one of the items that you may stumble across inside of a chest.

While the Broken Sword offers little benefit by itself, merely having it allows you to initiate a boss battle with Vulcan, known as the Roman god of volcanoes, fire, metalworking, and the forge. By touching the Broken Sword to the pedestal of a special chamber, which can instantly be spawned in Creative Mode, you will spawn an enraged Vulcan. Should you manage to overcome Vulcan’s fury and dispatch him, your reward will be Vulcan’s Sword.

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Vulcan’s Sword is a unique weapon that has four different, color-coded special qualities, although only one of those qualities can be in effect at a time. These abilities are:

  • Fire. Striking an enemy with Vulcan’s Sword in its brightly-colored Fire mode will set that enemy on fire.
  • Heavy. The dark-blue Heavy mode of Vulcan’s Sword allows the weapon to deal a massive 36 damage per swing when activated.
  • Frost. Striking an enemy with the light-blue Frost mode will Slow that enemy.
  • Wither. Striking an enemy with the dull grey Wither mode will apply Wither to that enemy.

Downloads for Vulcans Revenge Mod 1.7.10, 1.7.2

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