VoxelMap Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The Voxelmap is an invaluable tool in marking your location, mapping out your world, and scamming the entire world by attributes and features. This mini map opens the door by staking everything out for your immediate view. Like the best accomplished digital compass, it gives direction while marking relevant details of your terrain- and its obstacles.

It is your anchor the world. Where you get lost, you view the mini map for your sense of direction. In many convoluted and large scale adventure titles, the mini map is an invaluable tool. When it is not included in the game, it offers a purposeful disorientation. You use it when it is there without thinking. But the second it is gone, you are left to wander about yourself. Could you imagine an Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto title without a mini map? How long would it take you just to find your hometown or garage?

The Vozelmap mod for Minecraft has a myriad of valuable features. Firstly, it tells you what is North (obvious, right?). But this is where the typical comparisons to a compass end. The Vozelmap traces where enemies lie. Most specifically, it marks mobs on the map. These large enemy clusters can really derail your game, but the map traces where they are located and surfaced. Even further, it traces exactly WHAT the mob consists of. Any other mini map lacks this feature.

Have you ever wandered about curious of where you last perished? With this mini map, a large beacon of light traces exactly where you last died, making the exploratory ‘finding what the heck happened and where’ action totally in the dust. It also offers beacons for waypoints within the game.

The mini map is colored and color coded. Colors match certain key areas, and allow you to distinguish what is what with absolute ease. It also offers cave icons, nether points to the complicated list of obstacles and territories you may encounter.

The Voxelmap mod has two main ‘styles.’ One is your more traditional ‘always face North’ style. The map is static and keeps the North direction at the top. The opposing feature is the ‘facing’ feature that circles the map, so wherever you are facing is what remains at the top of the map. Both are valuable, and both have large ‘followings.’ Wisely, the mod includes both styles.

This mod addition really helps bring the game to a greater level of vitality. You tend to waste a lot of time in frustrating wandering. This is, for some, part of the fun. But the mini map is a practical extension of the game. It is not cheating by any means, but allowing you to get more life out of the title by short cutting some of the tedium involved. By marking relevant areas in your vicinity, you find yourself juggling tasks at greater speed, and heading out to areas quicker than you would have. Many revolutionary video games in the past have relied on a mini map. it is a powerful tool for any adventure title. What adventure title is more grandiose, large, and complex than Minecraft? Expand your game by expanding your assets. The Voxelmap is a great asset that tells you where you are, what is ahead, and where the next great mini-adventure lies.

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