Vampire Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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While anyone can adventure through the worlds and environments of Minecraft, some players are bound to get bored with playing as a human. The Vampire Mod seeks to alleviate this boredom by letting you become a vampire, a creature of the night that gains power from consuming blood.The Vampire Mod for Minecraft changes the game's physics so that sunlight affects you like a zombie or skeleton and mobs will now drop various types of blood.

You also have the option of turning all villager mobs into copies of Steve.

  • Blood FeedingAs a vampire, you can restore health and hunger from blood vial drops. Regular blood restores health, while the dead nature of zombie blood will actually poison you and spider blood grants you night vision.
  • Coffins While similar to the mechanics behind using a bed to sleep through the night, you can craft a coffin to sleep through the day.
  • Night Vision While under the supernatural effects of spider blood, you ignore all shadows that could obscure vision. This is a great way to save inventory space by forgoing a torch.
  • Nocturnal Spawning Joining a new world as a vampire will have you spawning into that world during its night cycle.
  • Flight What good is being a vampire if you can’t fly around the world? This mod lets you zoom around as if you were in Creative Mode.

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