UgoCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.4.5

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This Japanese mod adds new movement blocks to Minecraft. These blocks can be used to add sliding or rotation to other blocks, which will allow you to create new structures such as drawbridges, elevators, or even windmills. There are five new block types introduced by this mod: Marker On Marker Off Rotation Slider Cannon There are two types of Marker blocks in the UgoCraft Mod for Minecraft, On and Off.

These are used to mark the beginning and end of an affected group of blocks. The On block is marked by a square symbol on its side. The Off block is marked by a ‘-‘ symbol on its side. These blocks are used to control which blocks are affected by the slider block.

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This Rotation block causes any blocks attached to it to rotate. This block has a solid circle on its side. This block causes any blocks attached to it to rotate when it is activated via switch or redstone triggers. This is useful for creating rotating doors, drawbridges, decorative windmills, or any other rotating structures.


The Slider block causes others blocks attached to it to slide back and forth. This block is marked by a ‘+’ symbol on its side. To use this block, it must be adjacent to an On Marker block. All of the blocks between the On Marker block and the Off Marker block (and any blocks attached to those blocks) will slide past the Slider block when it is activated via an attached switch or redstone trigger. This can be used to create conveyor belts, sliding doors, or other moving structures.


The Cannon fires other blocks or objects. This block is marked by a large black circle on its side. Cannons are fired via attached switches or redstone triggers. Cannons must be primed by placing TNT on the block and loaded by placing a block adjacent to the cannon on the side with the black circle. Objects attached to the circle side of the cannon can also be fired, allowing you to launch torches, arrows, or other objects from the cannon.

Control Panel

This item can be attached to any rotating or sliding structure to fine-tune your structures’ functions.

Activation Plate

The Activation Plate included with this mod can be used to activate any of this mod’s blocks, similar to a pressure plate.

While this mod can be a little tricky to use, its unique features allow you to create creative new structures and add intriguing functionality to anything you build in Minecraft.

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