TV Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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If you have ever wanted a television for you Minecraft home or castle, then this mod will be for you. This is a very fun mod to play around with and use in your every day Minecraft activities. The package doesn't take long to download or install, so it is very user friendly as well.

This review will cover some of the basics behind using this mod and let you know where you can find it.

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Adding some creativity to Minecraft

Many people have expressed a desire to make their Minecraft communities feel more like a home setting. Some mods have attempted to address this issue, since a lot of structures built in the game may feel bare. It is fun to create large castles, skyscrapers and towers with all of the resources available to you. But once the initial structure is built, it may feel somewhat barren. Because of this, there have been a few attempts to incorporate art or other objects that can be placed on walls.

The TV Mod for Minecraft is a great addition because it can instantly transform the interior of any structure you’ve just completed. Instead of a hollow shell within your castle, you can create an elaborate TV room. This mod lets you install a fully functioning Minecraft television set right on almost any wall. It can even play videos that you’ve recorded in the game right there on your screen.

Utilizing the TV mod for Minecraft

By and large you will still be playing the Minecraft game as you always have before. The only difference is that this mod allows you to incorporate a television right into whatever structure you’re building. Once you’ve gotten accustom to this, it will let you create a television panel and remote control in the game setting. You can even adjust your television set like you would in a real life setting.

Using this mod in the game itself is even easier. To make the television set, you would simply need a few items. You will need to collect a painting, glass and a red stone. You combine these three items and you will get a TV unit. You can install this TV unit on almost any flat wall that is large enough to install it. The remote is similarly easy to make, requiring just an iron ingot and red stone.

You can place your television on:

– Castle walls– Outside amphitheaters– Indoor theater settings– Ceilings or interior of roofs

When you’ve got the basics of how to use this mod, just use your imagination to create the perfect Minecraft theater for yourself.

Downloads for TV Mod 1.8.1, 1.8, 1.7.10

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