Turret Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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The Turret Mod of Minecraft is a fun mod for the game Minecraft. This Mod adds turrets and other related content to the game and are meant to protect you from your enemies. Here is some of the things you get with this mod. This gives you details on your turrets and has four tabs; description, values, ammo and upgrades.

These tabs give you separate information such as health, ammo, capacity of your turrets and even crafting recipes.

The Turret Control Unit

This also comes with a set of tabs which shows you the health and stats of your target, which kinds of monsters you want to target, and what kind of upgrades it already has on it.

Turret Laptop

With the laptop you can program your turrets and deactivate them or change the crosshairs. You can also change the names of your turrets. Make sure to save all your changes on the last tab.

Tech Turrets

The Tech Turrets rank from 1 through 5. Each level turret becomes more durable and stronger as they progress, eventually able to even do AoE damage. There are also Support Turrets that protect rather than deal damage.

Mobile Base

The Mobile Base allows you to move you turrets to different locations.

I’ve had the pleasure of using this mod and in my honest opinion, I love it. It really adds to the game. Check out this mod today!

Downloads for Turret Mod 1.6.4, 1.5.2

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