Turbo Model Thingy for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The Turbo Model Thingy mod for Minecraft is a mod that gives users the capability to use different shape models when creating objects, characters and what have you in the Minecraft universe. Typically, the standard model shapes for creating objects, structures and more are squares. However with the Turbo Model Thingy mod, the player may use other shape designs like cylinders, trapezoids, GASP, spheres, and other types of designs also.

Turbo Model Thingy Mod Gameplay

The Turbo Model Thingy mod makes gameplay more interesting by testing the limits on what users may construct with the type of designs they’re given to work with. While the process may be complicated, it can be worthwhile because of the creations that can be manifested. Users may utilize the addTrapezoid class command to insert Trapezoid shapes into their creations and may also add 3D sprites with the addSprite command. For those who render 3D sprites in the 3D environment, they will be able to create some unique creations. Also, the use of unique shapes can create some designs that are totally innovative to the Minecraft world.

Turbo Model Thingy Mod Features

Users may also utilize Wavefront OBJ files in conjunction with this mod as well as bones and fracken vertex transformations. Adding Wavefront OBJ files and utilizing different shapes in combination with this mod will present a challenging form of gameplay that tests the player’s limits. Another nice addition to the Turbo Model Thingy mod is the fact that there are also variations to the mod which include other Thingy mod packs. Some of these other variation mods including the Nitro Model Thingy mod which gives players the capability of using their own shapes. There are also many other Thingy mods that require the Turbo Model Thingy mod pack as a base mod to begin with.

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