Tree Capitator Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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The TreeCapitator mod for Minecraft increases the player's timber outputting by enabling them to fell trees much faster than normal. The mechanics of this mod are very simplistic as it is just a small tweak to the game. Players can chop away at the lowest block on the trunk of a tree.

When that section breaks the entire tree will burst into blocks for quick retrieval. There are several other mods which facilitate this behavior but this one stands out in that it also applies this effect to the canopy as well. Typically other mods will leave the tops of trees oddly floating in the air, sometimes requiring the player to manually remove them due to the game behaving in a way it was not designed to by default. With this mod your leaves break too, showering the player with saplings and apples that would have taken minutes to appear in the vanilla game.

An Argument for Faster Lumber Production

Many players will argue that faster tree felling is potentially game breaking in that it removes a big time component from the list of chores necessary to becoming established on a plot of land. However, a better way to view it is that the TreeCapitator mod allows you to spend more time doing the things you really want to do. Resource collection is a massive part of the game and the sheer volume of raw materials needed to complete a build can be staggering. Being able to spend more time actually building that castle you have spent long hours planning and watching your creation rise from the ground is a thrilling experience. It enables for the faster construction of builds without removing the survival elements of the game as would be the case with switching into a pure creative mode setting.

Uses for This Mod

While the mod itself is very simplistic the potential uses for it are as varied as the players who enjoy the game. Time saving is a key feature already mentioned. Other uses include the ability to clear virgin land of an expansive forest much faster and with the benefits of quickly filling up those chests with stores of much-needed lumber. Conversely, quick repopulation of such forests is also possible given that this mod will generate saplings much faster than having to stand around for the several minutes even a single tree will require to completely depopulate its leaf blocks. It is also useful for tearing down structures made of logs in a timely fashion. Both players who wish to relocate after expending their subterranean mineral content and Ops of pure survival servers who frown on massively invasive mods will appreciate this. This mod also allows for more effective harvesting in tree farms. These structures can produce very dense stands of trees that are made of nearly %100 logs. Clearing this in a time efficient manner allows for overall greater output of lumber and less time spent jamming your axe into a block that typically takes quite a while to break.

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