Travelling House Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2/1.5.1

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The travelling house mod for Minecraft is one of the newest mods which allows a player to instantly pack up all of his/her animals, goods and housing material (including entire houses!) and "travel". After the player has packed up all of his/her stuff they can then travel anywhere they'd like to and "drop" or simply migrate to.

For anyone who’s played Minecraft without using any mods there is a noticeable level of playability which is distinctly missing and can only be reached through the use of mods. The travelling house mod is no exception and can really make game-changing differences when applied.

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The mod literally lets players quickly pack up entire home-bases which can have some noticeable effects on gameplay. Some servers tend to be slow and during lags you can end up losing all of your belongings, even stuff kept in your chest. This mod can help to eliminate the risk of playing on slow servers because it allows you to pick up and go whenever you like to.

Other instances where the mod may come in handy is if you’re playing with a group and decide to migrate across the grid to another location. With the mod you can easily pick up everything you were using and carry it for any amount of time (as long as it’s within one session) and then drop it whenever you’re ready to setup a new base location. Everything that gets “picked up” will instantly reappear in a matter of seconds. The mod can be useful in a large number of additional scenarios.

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