Traincraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

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For a game that is ostensibly about the freedom to do whatever you want, Minecraft comes up rather short in the transportation department, with the vanilla game only offering a few basic ways to do things (boats and minecarts). Traincraft, on the other hand, adds multiple new forms of transportation, including trans, wagons, and zeppelins to the game, allowing users to finally go where they want, how they want to go there.

We’ve Got Trains

As its name might suggest, the place where Traincraft really shines is in its massive selection of trains. If there’s a type of train in real life that you or your friends like, its probably in the game. The elements of these trains include, but are not limited to:

  • Diesel Trains
  • Steam Locomotives
  • Electric Locomotives
  • Freight Carts
  • Passenger Carts

There are even multiple designs for each type of train that allow you to create a train that perfectly matches either your personal taste or the aesthetic of your world. Indeed, Traincraft goes along very well with any sort of steampunk-themed world, or perhaps a world centered around the old American West.

Better than Minecarts

While you might have some ideas about how to fit the traincraft mod for minecraft into your world, more than likely, you’re wondering how these huge trains are better than minecarts, and that’s certainly a valid concern. These trains need fuel, which makes them a bit more difficult to run consistently, but the advantages outweigh this single, if nagging disadvantage. Of course, the largest advantage is right in the name. There are a “train” of different compartments being shuttled down the tracks, each one of them able to satisfy different needs. A minecart only provides transport, which can become rather dull while traveling down a long stretch of track. A train, on the other hand, keeps you occupied while you’re travelling down that same set of track carrying a huge number of passengers. There are even stock cars to carry around livestock of every sort.

Even More Stuff

In addition to the core of mod, which is of course trains and all of their related stuff, it also adds Zeppelins, which can be flown all around the world, quite easily giving you a birds-eye view of your world that was never before possible in survival mode. Perhaps even more interesting is the Helicopter that seems like it will be coming very soon… Regardless of these add-ons, the gooey train center that makes up the majority of Traincraft is worth the install by itself. Make your worlds easier to travel through with Traincraft.

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