TooManyItems for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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One of the main problems that many Minecraft players come across it the fact that they have to lug around so many items, however, the TooManyItems addon is designed to eliminate this problem. It also hosts many extra features that will make your Minecraft experience much more enjoyable. Let's dive in and take a look at what this addon has to offer!

Now, rather than getting lost or endlessly farming cobblestone, you can have everything you need right at your disposal. This addon has a menu option that lists every single item in the game, and even some items that you normally can’t obtain without special tools. For example, you can get a lava block that you can place anywhere on the ground without having to use a bucket. You can get cobblestone or any other building material as well, eliminating the need to get lost deep underground farming resources. The best part about the entire feature is that you actually have unlimited amounts of each item! You will never run out, no matter how much you use. This allows you to build enormous creations that are larger than anything you could have ever created before. This will also give you more time to actually design the creations you have imagined!

New Buttons

Although the main reason behind the TooManyItems mod was just to allow players to use any item without having to go into creation mode, the designers decided to go a bit more in-depth by adding a few more buttons to the game. The first set of buttons are save and delete buttons. Of course, the game already has these implemented, but this is a little different. Now, you can save up to seven game profiles just off the same map. That way, if you die, you can revert back to an older saved profile and not lose your items. This serves several other benefits for you as well, such as being able to look back at your older world compared to now. Also, one of the top reasons people die is because they forget to pack food and starve to death. However, with a click of a button you can fully restore both your hunger as well as your health. This will keep you from dying and losing experience points! The toggle weather button is another pretty cool feature. You can decide what the weather will look like outside, making you the master of the elements! Take out wildfires with rain or enjoy the wonderful sunshine as you build your next masterpiece. While the buttons mentioned so far have been pretty cool, there are about a dozen other options. Check out the mod to give them a try!

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