Timber Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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There's now a quicker way to harvest a tree in Minecraft rather than slowly going log by log. The Timber Mod allows you to, by cutting the lowest log, harvest the entire tree. Timber!!! The mod adds a very simple but effective enhancement to the core game. Simply cut down the lowest log of a tree with an axe of any type and all the available blocks of wood will plummet to the ground.

It is a modification that adds realism and convenience to players everywhere. There are no longer floating blocks of wood that remain in the air that create a sore sight. It is designed to allow players to enjoy the core game of Minecraft and get to the meat of the experience quicker.

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Minecraft revolves around the creation of whole worlds. The mod provides a shortcut for players to get to the point of content creation. Newer players can get through the basics of the game quickly and not focus on gathering basic materials. The tedious process of getting wood is no longer a barrier to your ability to create new objects and sculptures. Even better, players no longer have to slowly gather wood under the threat of creepers. The mod is a simple change that allows players of all skill levels to add to their enjoyment of the best creative game out in the market!

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