The Torched Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Torched mod equips the player with craftable weaponry that uses torches as it's ammo. Targets are quickly dispatched and the land around them is blanketed with the warm glow of torches. Ready...Aim... The models for the weapons look great. The detail put into this mod compliments the utility nicely.

There is also a torch rocket that behaves like a common bottle rocket, with a twist.

The Torched mod for Minecraft is certainly useful, but it’s mostly about having a blast. When the guns are fired at mobs, it does a good deal of damage. The neat part is that the torches a player uses as ammo will be placed on the ground. The torch rocket takes greatest advantage of this mechanic. The basic model is small, containing a single torch and a single gun powder. However, players can add entire stack of these items to grow the rocket to immense proportions. Gold nugget can even be added to give the display more particle effects. After lighting it with flint, the rocket launches into the sky and explodes spectacularly, showering the land below it in a hail of torches.

This is an amusing mod for anyone who would enjoy the addition of fire arms to the game, while also contributing further depth to the recipe collection.

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