The StarWars Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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With the Star Wars mod for Minecraft you have the option of choosing which faction you’d like to fight for, and then battling hordes of your enemies across several different planets using a variety of amazing futuristic weapons. Choosing Your Side In this mod you can select from several different character options.

For example, you can fight as a Jedi if you’d like, or head over to the dark side and fight as a Sith. Each faction offers a number of different weapons for you to use as well as some amazing vehicles and other cool items.

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Weapons and Flight VehiclesWith the Star wars mod you’ll have access to the classic light saber, as well as lasers, swords and a number of other great items. With each of the available weapons you’ll have a few options for attacking your enemies. For example, as a light saber wielding Jedi, you can attack droids using a traditional sword fighting style, or you can throw your saber at enemies from a distance. If you were playing as a Sith, you’d have similar fighting abilities but would be doing battle against Jedis.

In addition to hand held weapons, the mod also gives you access to several different styles of flying transport vehicle that are each able to fire ammunition as well. Aside from helping you crush your enemies in battle these transport vehicles will help you gain access to any of the three different planets that the mod offers. As you travel around the various worlds engaging and killing your enemies, you’ll earn money that will enable you to buy more useful items for the game.

Using the ForceIn addition to all the great weapons and high tech transport vehicles that this mod offers, you’ll also have the ability to use the power of the force against your enemies! As an example, one of the powers that you’ll gain when you play as a Jedi is the ability to use the force’s energy to push nearby enemies away from you. This can be very useful for helping you to escape a large group of opposing forces. As you move through to higher levels in the game, you’ll unlock additional force powers and equipment that will help you in battle.

With everything that it has to offer, the Star Wars mode is one of the most entertaining and action packed mods available for Minecraft players. If you’re a fan of the series or just want to try out some amazing high tech weapons, you should definitely check it out!

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