The Palaria Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Palaria Mod for Minecraft introduces new weapons, tools, armor, ore, unique items, and all new mobs. The various new items, tools, and weapons that are introduced with this mod all bring their own unique properties to the gameplay. Palaria Mod Ores One of the first ores that can be found in the Palaria mod is located in the OverWorld; Sarlite Ore and Ingot can be located throughout levels one through 25, when using the Y coordinates.

In order for the player to use the Ingot, they will need to smelt the Sarlite Ore block. Things that can be made out of this ore are various Sarlite tools, various weapons, and Sarlite armor as well.

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Another type of Ore, known as Afnamite Ore and Gem, is much rarer than the Sarlite Ore and Ingot block. The Afnamite Ore and Gem may also be found when using Y coordinates, and looking through levels one through 18. The gem found within the Afnamite Ore is dropped from the block; various tools, weapons, and armor can be constructed from Afnamite Ore and Gem to offer a 210 percent efficiency rate.

Palaria Tools & Weapons

In terms of the tools and weapons that can be forged, it depends on the ore in which the player is utilizing. However, some common tools and weapons include the Sarlite Sword, Sarlite Shovel, Sarlite Pickaxe, Stealth Dagger, Falkion, Shick, Battleaxe, and many others. Meanwhile, there are special weapons that can be crafted that include Spoon of Doom Doomy, Refined Endermite Sword, and many more.

Palaria Drops & Other Items

The drops that can be found in this mod include Creeptile Eye, Raptor Claw, and Endermite Shard. Finding these drops can lead to other items being crafted; other items to be crafted from the drops include a Flither Clock, Sticky Raptor Claw, Refined Endermite Chunk, and lots more.

Palaria Armor & Mobs

Armor that may be crafted includes helmet armor, chest armor, leg armor, and protective boot armor. While crafting armor, it can be crafted using any applicable materials that the player would like. As far as the Palaria mod mobs are concerned, there is a Creeptile, a Raptor Chicken, Baby Cowasaurus, and an Ender Walker.

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