The Methyr Dimension Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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While Minecraft offers a lot of creativity to its players, one of the few elements missing from this game has to be magic and spellcasting. The Methyr Dimension Mod seeks to solve this problem through a series of elemental magic and staves.Installing The Methyr Dimension Mod for Minecraft will give you access to magic based on the four classical elements: earth, fire, wind, and water.

Additionally, you will be able to visit another dimension, the Methyr, after opening a certain portal.

Whenever you start a new world with this mod installed, it will make always create a stone structure that leads underground. This structure houses the Methyr Tome, the portal to the Methyr, and the keystone necessary to enter the Methyr. The Methyr Tome also doubles as a log of the monsters and spells you’ve encountered within the Methyr Dimension. Creating the portal to the Methyr Dimension requires using an Ender Pearl, Emerald, Bone, and Blaze Powder on a central stone within the stone structure.

Fantastic Powers Revealed

Once you’re in the realm of the Methyr, you can encounter

  • Five New Mob Types Methyr Wolf, Methyr Wasp, Salamander, Hatilum, and Evil Tree.
  • New Crafting Materials. Six new ores (Togo, whiny, Tbonium, Rovium, Otonium, Baliton) and two new types of wood: Acota and Myrentic. These will allow you to craft special sets of armor, swords, and magical staves.
  • Elemental Staves and Pouches. Pouches fuel your spells, while the staves tap into their respective element.
  • Two Unique Weapons. The “Multi Bow” fires three arrows at once, while the “Glacier Blade” can conjure magical barriers.

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