The Instant House Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.6.4

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Are you lost in a flat region with no safety from the night time monsters? Are you looking to create huge buildings that have all the essentials while also looking like impressive spectacles? The instant house mod for Minecraft allows for the instant one button creation of full buildings. The mod has an assortment of buildings created by users and built into the mod, so players can choose what type of building arrangement they want and they can create it instantly.

Instant Coffee, How About Instant House?

The homes created here have the basic features of a building, including a door to close from night time onslaughts as well as a crafting table in the interior. Most include a furnace and either one or two chests for further item collecting and storing. Even tents are allowed in this mod for a quick getaway and an immediate craft, including red, black, blue, and cyanide tents for players to individualize their approach.

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A Functional Place to Relax

Where some mods go for excessive exploration and recreation of a fan favorite world, others go for pure functionality. The instant house mod for Minecraft is functional enough to allow for the instant spawning of some truly dazzling buildings, but it further allows for the building of an entire city in record time.

Users of the mod have crafted unique and enthralling worlds all their own using the templates and instant house creations built into this modification. In this way, the mod is simple in its function but unlimited in its possibilities and scale.

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