The Hunger Games Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2/1.5.2

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The Hunger Games Mod is a mod for Minecraft which allows the player to have a firsthand experience of playing the Hunger Games in Minecraft. The Hunger Games, of course, are a series of novels about children being forced to battle to the death to earn food for their home district.

This item, a blue circle with an “HG” written onto it, is necessary to initiate the Hunger Games within that world. If you linger your cursor over the item, the Token will simply say “Let The Hunger Games Begin.” To actually initiate the Hunger Games, you must first make sure that enemy settings are set to anything other than “Peaceful,” for obvious reasons. This “Hunger Games Token” allows you to access to Hunger Games Setup Menu by right clicking with it.

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With the Setup Menu engaged, you can now dictate several features to better customize the experience. Border Radius allows you to determine how large an arena (in squares) you would care for (the default setting is 128). You can determine whether the item-storing Cornucopia is silver or gold. Furthermore, you can directly control whether allies and/or mutts can be encountered with individual “Yes/No” options for each. You can also turn lightning attacks on or off, which can create some cool moments where a bolt of lightning luckily fries an encroaching Mutt or Enderman, or maybe it even starts a forest fire by striking a tree. Lastly, you can determine the prize for winning the Games (the default setting is “Diamond”) as well as the spawn range (default of 50 squares).

After you’ve tailored your Hunger Games experience with the Setup Menu, the games will begin after a full sixty second countdown (given through the text windows above the inventory bar), with the last ten seconds of counting changing to a more urgent color. Once the timer reaches zero, your screen will freeze for a few moments and then it will revert with your character being teleported to a random spot within the arena without any items and a large number of NPCs (Non-Player Characters) scrambling about in an effort to try and kill each other (just like in the books).

In addition to the hostile NPCs, the mod also offers several new block and item types. these include various types of Cornucopia block, an Arena Forcefield, Fire Traps and Pit Traps (solely used to damage things), Nightlock berries and plant (whose only purpose is to poison the user), the famous Mockingjay Pin, a Mine Toggler (used to de/activate land minds), Sponsor Packages, Cornucopia Packs (which spawn a random item when you right click on them), Supply Chests (which range from levels 1 to 5, with the better gear present the higher the chest’s level). Lastly, you can get three new weapons from this mod; Katniss’ Bow, a Knife, and a Spear.

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