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The Farlanders Mod

Download available for: 1.7.2, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2

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The Farlanders Mod for Minecraft will allow you to add Ender creatures into Minecraft so you can have more choices to trade, tame, and have enemies to battle! The Farlanders mod also adds a new kind of village, armor, weapons, and more! You’ll see Farlander houses, villages, and even Obsidian Towers! There will be new items to craft like the Nightfall Sword and the Mystic Wand. A new block called Endumium Ore will be used to trade with the villagers, too. If you’re looking for a mod that will add more villagers, the Farlanders mod hits the bullseye!

How to download & install:

  1. Go to the The Farlanders Mod download page
  2. Download the file
  3. Follow The Farlanders Mod installation instructions
  4. Happy Crafting!
Download Page for The Farlanders Mod

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