The Dropper Map for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Created by user Bigre, "The Dropper" is a challenging multi-level adventure map for Minecraft. The player begins each level in free fall and must survive until he or she hits the level's bottom. "The Dropper" only needs the level map and the basic version of Minecraft to be played as intended.

When the player begins the map, all of the challenges suggested by the map’s creator are listed: survive the fall, don’t break blocks and play the entire map in hard mode. The map itself allows for checkpoints between each of the 16 levels. Much like Portal and other popular stand-alone first person puzzle games, the player must try to think fast to find the method of surviving every level’s free fall. This can be quite hard, though the solutions generally involve making sure no obstacles break your fall before you reach the water found at the bottom of each level. Every level is distinct in style, including one in which the player appears to “fall” horizontally through a forest and two in which the landscape is part of the interior of a massive house.

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Besides making for a fun puzzle map, “The Dropper” is also an incredibly impressive feat of Minecraft map planning, with its 16 levels built into a single map. Throughout the map, the player can remain as immersed in it as if it were a stand-alone game, with its built-in checkpoints and seemingly distinct levels. For example, multiple types of cleverly-designed elevators are stationed at the exit of each level floor to transport the player to the start of the next level. The map has been designed throughout to require no added mods to create the intended adventure.

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