ThaumCraft 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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If you've felt that Minecraft just lacks that magical flair, look no further than the Thaumcraft 2 mod for Minecraft. This mod adds hundreds of new magic recipes and items as well as new mobs and plants to provide raw ingredients for your spellmaking. The basic aim of Thaumcraft 2 is the harnessing of raw energy, called Vis, for use in your world.

The collection of Vis enables you to create mystical items like wands, teleportation devices and even enchanted building materials. It is present in the environment naturally, in the form of Aura or Vis crystals, but the most efficient way to gain Vis is to break down and recreate items available in the world of Minecraft. To do so, you’ll build a crucible, which takes ordinary things like wood or sugarcane and renders them into the essential element – Vis.

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However, there is a dark side to this magical essence. Tainted Vis can escape from crystals or your attempts at collection and destroy the environment, tainting plant and mob alike and making them dangerous and toxic. The Taint can spread, so make sure your base isn’t too close to one of these purple wastelands!

Craft Magical Items

One block jumps can get annoying after a while, so why not make some magical boots? The Thaumcraft 2 mod for Minecraft lets you create Boots of Running, which treat those jumps like a gentle slope. All you need is Vis, boots and a feather! Want an enchanted weapon that’s better than iron? Make some Thaumium weapons with a regular bar of metal and Vis! You can even create black hole bombs with easily synthesized ingredients, making defense of your home more ridiculous than ever.

Travel is made easier with Thaumcraft due to the inclusion of Portable Doors and Teleportation Seals. Crafting these items can let you move through walls quickly or travel vast distances by ripping holes in the local aura. Be careful though – too many portals can increase the Taint!

A Magical World to Explore

Thaumcraft 2 brings tons of new items to find and places to explore. You can find things like:

  • mysterious Obelisks
  • magical trees
  • eldritch horrors
  • dangerous magical creatures

The only thing limiting you in Thaumcraft 2 is your imagination (and the amount of Vis you’ve collected). It’s a great mod and adds just the right amount of mystery and magic to an already fantastic game.

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