Team Crafted Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4

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The Team Crafted Mod for Minecraft by Olimation is based on Team Crafted, a famous group of YouTube Let's Players, and includes a large assortment of items and mobs based on the team members. You can spawn the members of Team Crafted in a variety of docile and hostile mobs based on their actual in-game avatars using quotes from their videos as unique audio.

  • SkythekidRS
  • Ssundee
  • deadlox
  • TrueMU
  • ASFJerome
  • HuskyMudkipz
  • Deceptibonk
  • BajanCanadian
  • WeedLion
  • BlueMonkey_Mucks
  • PigLox
  • Jeffery
  • DiamondCrafter32144 (the Fanboy)
  • Boss Squid
  • Derp SSundee
  • The HATER
  • Money Stealer
  • Budder Golem
  • Shaved Jerome
  • Dylan
  • Yourself (duplicate of player)

Gearing Up

Craft an assortment of unique, entertaining and potent gear such as a jetpack, leggings that grant a jump boost, sunglasses of night vision, swords that shoot fire, a potion that gives five debuffs at once, a foot that lets you climb walls and kick mobs away from you and TNT that detonates with a tidal wave of water.

Everything’s crafted using the unique ores and gems that spawn randomly in the world and come with the Team Crafted Mod. They’re named after the team members and correspond to their respective items.

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