Tale of Kingship Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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The Tale of Kingship Mod is the sequel to the much loved and intensely popular Tale of Kingdoms Minecraft mod, which let you start in a medieval kingdom as a serf and work your way up the lordly chain to become sovereign over all the lands! Though still in beta there is much to do but before you can get to the meat of the mod you will need to activate it.

Simply press Y to initiate the mod but be careful of where you are located when doing so. The reason you want to watch out where you initiate the mod is that it will spawn and enormous walled town directly in front (or back depending on the stage of beta you’ve played it at) of you. This means that if you start the mod in your home it will get instantly decimated so watch out!

What it’s all about

The mod is, much in the vein of old fashioned strategy games like Age of Empires, about expanding your kingdom. This mainly involves building and is EXTREMELY expensive. The mod also features a wide array of NPC’s, most of whom are still in progress, that you can interact with. The main item you will need to create you buildings is the Kingdom Scepter. A very important note about the scepter is that if you lose it (say by carrying it on a dungeon run and being killed by a monster) you will lose YOUR ENTIRE KINGDOM, so keep that in mind and keep your scepter at home in storage.

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