Tale of Kingdoms 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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“Tale of Kingdoms” was an amazing Minecraft mod, that created a game play experience like no other. Its sequel is making the same kind of stir in the mod community, and its easy to see why. It expands on the already massive gaming experience of the first mod, continues its storyline, and crafts an expansive new world that is entirely within your control.

This mod starts out with you as the king, ready to create your own kingdom from scratch. Start by scouting out the land, and finding a spot that suits your kingdom’s needs, and then spawn your starting city. Finding a spot near multiple resources is always a good start. Be careful when you spawn: your city will instantly erase landmarks and structures where its placed.

Manage People, Manage Resources

Once your city is built, you have to begin managing your population. You have complete control over various NPC subjects, that will collect resources for you, including food, wood, stone, and coal. You manage the behavior of each NPC, send it on its duties, and wait for them to return. This aspect of the mod is the coolest part, as it makes you feel like a true ruler, and gives the same an RTS feel. Your subjects can even collect more advanced resources, such as gold, redstone, and even diamond.

Create a Fuller, Story Based Experience

“Tale of Kingdoms 2” not only has RTS aspects, but has an RPG ready storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As you collect resources and build your kingdom, you will receive quests and side stories that help boost your level, and bring you closer to ruling the world. This expanded story includes:

* New quest types that will challenge your skills* Diverse competitor kingdoms where you can trade and expand the story* The potential to invade and take over kingdoms* The freedom to explore the land, and expand your kingdom without working on the story

The hype and buzz surrounding this mod is simply incredible. Dozens of videos have popped up online, with people exploring the mod’s capabilities, and raving about the sense of immersion it creates for the player. It’s impossible to fully explore this mod without playing it for hours. Why not download and install it today, and experience a brand new game play experience?

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