Sword Art Online UI Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

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Sword Art Online is one of the most famous one season animes out there. Though it has not reached the popularity of Attack on Titan and other animes stateside, this did not stop some clever innovators to craft the sword art mod for Miencraft. The mod captures the essence of Sword Art with spirited weapon inclusions and an overall aesthetic lifted right out of the show.

The sword art online ui mod for Minecraft is about weapons through and through. The mod begins players in a castle environment where players can choose their debt weapon to enter this modified adventure. Weapons range with dynamic intensity, so players can choose their exact fitting depending on weight, price, and style. The Rapier is all style. Its +6 attack is formidable. The Anneal Blade is one of the most expensive choices, requiring four iron blocks to shred away at foes with +11 attack. It is massive, not even fitting the screen when armed.

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Overpowered Swords

The mod has a balance between affordable slight swords, such as the broad sword, and masterful epics such as the Tyrant Sword. It requires gold and iron to be crafted in a whimsical and gorgeously designed long sword.

Explore the gameplay mechanics of ten total weapons, and get an exact tutorial on how to craft each specific item in the mod. Sword Art fans will be enamored by the thrilling execution of the classic Sword Art weaponry in the pixilated Minecraft world.

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