Swing Aimbot Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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The Swing Aimbot Mod for Minecraft is a simple and lightweight mod providing sticky targeting of all mobs within six blocks of the player and is useable in both single player and multiplayer servers. While the Swing Aimbot Mod will prioritize mobs nearest you (regardless of their level of hostility) you may also manually swap targets with a click.

Whether you swap targets this way or by letting its natural priority do it for you, your screen will jump to lock on instantly as your avatar flips around to face your targets. If a mob jumps over you, runs around you or otherwise flanks you or sneaks up behind you, you will still immediately face them whether or not you were already aware of them.

Simple Yet Effective

You can toggle sticky targeting with a single press of a custom keybind. Once active, your cursor reticle will automatically snap to any mob within six blocks. You can move freely and the target stays locked on. Not only does it lock on to hostile enemy mobs but it will lock on to docile and tamed mobs as well, which can make harvesting livestock much easier when they attempt to flee. It will also lock on to other players when playing on a server, which will give you an advantage in melee PVP combat.

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