Super Heroes in Minecraft Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2

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Super Heroes in minecraft mod for mincreaft is a feature which adds certain items in the game which gives players the opportunity to use the distinct abilities of super heroes. With this feature, players can use some of the more popular super heroes such as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America.

As a result, players who play using super heroes in mincraft mod will have the opportunity to get a more enjoyable playing experience.


When playing this game, the super hero feature helps makes the playing experience better because it gives players extra attributes that can help them get through the game more successfully. These features will make it easier to play the game as well as allow you to make progress more efficiently. Using the super hero abilities will also make the game fun because it gives you more ways to advance in the game as well as providing you with unique abilities to use.

There are a number of abilities that make gameplay better including wearing Hulk’s armor. When wearing his armor, you will be indestructible along with having exceptional resistance to damage. As well as being indestructible, you will also have the ability to destroy enemies with the Hulk Smash with one blow. You can also use the hammer of Thor to give you the ability to throw the hammer to defeat foes. Players can also use Thor’s abilities such as striking enemies with lightening and turning them into ice.

When playing this game, the Iron Man suit will give you the ability to shoot rockets at foes as well as jetting above the clouds to see enemy movements. Lastly, the Captain America shield will give players the ability to block damage with ease.

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