Sunken Island Custom Map for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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Minecraft is a sprawling, incredibly creative, free-form game that millions of gamers love. This near magical experience is intended to act as a survival-creative game, where you can create anything your heart desires if you set your mind to it. Though, the major thrills of minecraft gameplay involve stumbling upon naturally made structures and reacting to them as anymore might.

The only problem has been minecraft’s dedication to natural realism, but that’s been worked around through the existence of custom maps!

Custom maps for any video game let players create their own world inside of a developer’s ideas, giving basic creation tools to the masses lets millions of different stories and ideas take form. These unique worlds can pit players against different challenges and unexpected twists that are limited only by the builder’s creativity, and here is one map that certainly does not disappoint.

The Sunken Island Custom Map is an epic adventure that takes to heart all of the best elements of Minecraft. What began as a simple custom terrain build has now become a insane trip through the ruins of a lost island. You find yourself marooned and alone on an island in the middle of the ocean; the sole survivor amidst a natural phenomenon your own mother wouldn’t believe. Surrounded on all sides by endless walls of water, you have no choice but to turn your search inward and see if any sort of safety can be found on this maddening island. After stumbling through sand and hill you find yourself at the door of a mysterious underground temple, and the adventure of a lifetime. Filled with ancient treasures, dangerous pitfalls, and wondrous landscapes, this custom map cannot be missed.

Though it is ideal to play this as intended, with story, treasure, and closure, this map is also capable of being played as a classic survival map. Set up your own unique home in this massive natural oddity in the sea, or play through the campaign and save yourself from this madness? Do you escape or start a new life in this crazy land? In the Sunken Island Custom Map, the choice is yours.

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