Statues Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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By using the Statues Mod, you can create and customize a wide variety of statues. This mod also allows you to put items on display in a showcase. The Statues Mod for Minecraft will add some artistic flare to your vast Minecraft world. The three tools you will need in order to use this mod are: A hammer to create the statue with A palette to decorate the statue with A showcase to put display items inside of After forming a hammer out of iron and sticks, you can choose virtually any material to chisel your statue out of.

You will need two identical blocks of your material of choice. Strike it with the hammer, and it will explode into your new statue.

You can adjust the angle of the head, arms, and legs. You can adjust also the angle at which the statue stands relative to the ground. You can minutely customize things by pushing the sculpt button, or you can just press the randomize button. You will discover many interesting poses, and you can even name the statue.

Decorating Your Statue

The palette allows you to clothe the new statue with armor and to put weapons or other items into its hands. You can adjust the angle at which an item, a sword for example, is held.

Showcasing Your Items

A sword, a bow, or anything you wish can be placed inside of the showcase. Simply right click to open the lid. Basically, the showcase is a hollowed-out wooden table with a glass door on top.

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