StarWars Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2/1.5.1

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If you are a huge Star wars fan, then you will love the new starwars mod. What is so great about this mod? Well, Star Wars fans will love it because it is about Star Wars taken to epic proportions. With this mod, you can choose from three different factions: Jedi, Sith and Hunter.

In this game, you can use lightsabers and fly ships and level up your character, which will give you new and amazing abilities. This is a mod that was made for your entertainment!

How do you level up?

The way you level up in the starwars mod for Minecraft is by killing droids or Jedi, depending on the team that you choose to be on. As you kill these mobs, you will also receive money, which can be used to help you buy new and improved weapons. The great thing about this mod is that you have an enormous selection of different weapons that you could choose from.

The Jedi gets a lightsaber that he can throw at enemies. He also has Jedi powers, which he can demolish his enemies with. With the Sith, it feels great to be on the darkside. You get a wide mixture of different things that you can do with the Sith. Hunters are a class that have lots of cool weapons. The one downside with the hunter is that you cannot use lightsabers. This is the same problem with the Jedi, where they cannot use guns.

This mod is one that is sure to impress most Star Wars fans. The great thing about this mod is that you can experience being in the Star Wars world. Any diehard fan is going to love this game because you can drive many of the ships and play the game just like you are in the Star Wars world.

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