Special Mobs Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.5.2

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Despite the variety of monsters and other antagonizing creatures you can encounter in Minecraft, these creatures become boring and mundane. This particular mod exists to bring back the thrill of discovering and battling new variants of monsters and other mobs. The special mobs mod for minecraft adds a variety of new and interesting tweaks to existing monsters within the Minecraft game.Creepers This mod adds eight new creeper species.

Fire creepers are immune to fire/lava/lightning, yet water stops their explosions. Lightning creepers summon lightning upon exploding. Dirt creepers leaves dirt behind, rather than exploding. Jumping creepers jump high but are immune to fall damage. Doom creepers explode even when they’re killed. Armor creepers wear leather armor. Death creepers are flammable and ignite with the force of TNT. Ender creepers teleport and hunt like Endermen.

  • Endermen This mod adds eight new enderman species. Lightning endermen are lightning-proof and electrocute you when struck. Icy endermen drop your speed to 10% for a few seconds when they hit you. Confusing endermen lower your speed to 90% and scramble your movement. Cursed endermen lowers mining and attack power the more it harms you. Blinding endermen blind you at close proximity. Mirage endermen leave behind an illusion of themselves when they teleport. Strike endermen have twice the normal level of health and will always teleport away after hitting you. Ancient endermen teleport, blind at close range, inflict random status problems, and heal every three seconds.
  • Ghasts This mod adds four new species of ghast. Babies are unable to spit fire and will simply try to sting you. Unholy ghasts can raise the dead from the ground nearby. Queens regenerate health, as well as spawn babies, before attacking you directly with fireballs. Kings regenerate health, have high armor and health, and their fireballs are as strong as the blast from a fire creeper.
  • Other types: This mod also offers five new skeletons, twelve new spiders, five new zombies, and six new zombie pigmen, as well as the chance to spawn jockeying monsters.
  • Even with just the ancient endermen, undead ghasts, and doom creepers, this mod adds more than enough variety to your gameplay to merit adding it to your collection of mods. So go ahead and give it a try!

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