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Soul Shards Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Soul Shards is a Minecraft mod. It adds the ability to collect souls from most mobs and turn them into mob spawners. There are a few additional features as well. The primary point of this mod is increased mob control. While it isn’t the largest mod available, it is one of the more useful ones. Think of this as a nice utility mod to simplify mob traps and farms.

Better Mob Farms and Traps

The Soul Shards mod works by allowing the creating of soul shards. This involves a long slow process and a new crafting furnace. The soul shard allows the player to go around stealing the souls of evil creepers and enderman in revenge for past greifing. More practically, a soul shard can be placed in a soul cage to create a mob spawner. These can be recollected when destroying the trap. More souls create a higher tier mob spawner. The higher tiers allow for faster mob spawning and can be controlled with redstone signals.

One of the more popular uses of these spawners is pranking innocent bystanders. Say someone was peacefully minding their own business on a server with this mod. The evil player can proceed to set up a dozen tier five ghast spawners around their base to destroy everything. Bat swarms are the more peaceful equivalent.

More often they can be used to create controllable mob traps for easy farming, such as getting gold nuggets from zombie pigman farms. A single tier five blaze farm will easily produce more experience than any Ender Ender built in the end. A wither skeleton farm or even a wither farm will generate a stable supply of the rare nether stars.

Some of the best uses for this mod are:

  • Creating guards for one’s base.
  • Farming experience and loot from mob farms.
  • Creating custom adventure dungeons in survival mode.
  • Increasing the bat population of caves and forests.

Hunting Down Souls

While the spawners are useful, they still require mob kills to work. A tier five soul shard requires 1024 souls. At one kill each this is a time consuming process, especially for the rarer mobs. There are ways to speed up this process. Unfortunately, mobs spawned by soul shards do not not give souls. Luckily, for the main mobs, soul shards can gain 200 souls by right-clicking natural spawners found in dungeons. This destroys the spawner, so it may be bad idea.

For the rarer mobs drastic measures are needed. This mod adds a new type of weapon with a unique enchantment. The soul steal enchantment grants a plus one soul bonus to each kill at level one. Each level is another bonus point. This can cut down the kill requirement to a fifth.

How to download & install:

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Place the mod zip in your mods folder

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Download Page for Soul Shards Mod
  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.stevenson.9461799 Jordan Stevenson

    This is a very nice mod, I use it for cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. (basically most unhostile mobs)

  • aleluol


  • Can’t find crafting recipe…

    The crafting recipe won’t work for me… I’m playing on the FTB Unleashed Mod Pack (Soul Shards Version 1.0.16), and I’ve been searching for the recipe for a long time, but i can’t find the recipe no matter were I look. Can someone please help?

    • Hansie0

      you need Glowstone Netherrack and Endstone and 1 diamond, put the glowstone down on al the edges netherrack and on all those edges Endstone and then right click with the diamond on glowstone and you have soulshard