Solar Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The solar survival map for Minecraft is a survival style map with limited resources that lets you explore space. You'll go to different planets and meet strange new life in this challenging Minecraft mod as you manage limited resources and rush to places where you can get what you need to stay alive.

You’ll need to rush to the nearest planet you can find and load up on all the resources you need to stay alive. Gather the necessities of survival while exploring the closest planet you can find and getting ready to venture back into space. Explore the stars and hop from planet to planet while doing your best to stay alive.

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Manage Tight Resources

The resources you find are unpredictable and vary from planet to planet, making this a tight resource management survival mod that should keep you busy and present a challenge. The space exploration feel combined with the rush for resources make this solar survival Minecraft map mod one of the more challenging and fun resource management options you’ll find when you explore different maps. The sparse planets and huge distance between different places make basic survival a difficult enough challenge to stay interesting for quite awhile.

Beware Alien Encounters

You’ll need to build the equipment necessary for arming yourself to fight off alien encounters almost immediately once you land and start gathering what you need to survive. You’ll want to start getting weapons and armor ready as fast as possible to prepare for the alien assault that may be waiting on any of the new planets you visit. Every possible encounter adds to the challenge of keeping yourself alive as you gather limited resources on a ton of different planets.

The solar survival map Minecraft mod ups the difficulty of Minecraft’s survival mode by offering extremely limited resources in a fun space setting. This map will give veteran Minecraft players who don’t have much to fear from survival mode a new challenge by spreading out drastically limited resources and offering a fun space exploration flavor. Try the solar survival map for Minecraft if you want to manage tight resources and try out some space exploration.

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