Solar Apocalypse Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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If you have been waiting for the difficulty level of Minecraft to get kicked up a notch, then the Solar Apocalypse mod may be for you. This is a mod that essentially creates a hell on earth for the player, ratcheting up the challenges they face on a regular basis while they carve out some sort of life there.

It is essentially a survival scenario, because the mod will slowly begin to kill all the life on the surface over the course of a few days. This may sound unpleasant, but many players will love the challenge that it brings to the intensity of the gameplay.

Getting used to the Solar Apocalypse mod for Minecraft

It may take some time for users to adjust to the difficulty level presented in this mod for Minecraft. Even though it may be frustrating, that is actually what appeals to many gamers. Get a little practice in before you cast your final judgement on the Solar Apocalypse mod. It can be a very fun twist on the original Minecraft game.

What you will face in the Solar Apocalypse mod

According to the creators of this mod, the purpose of it was to simulate what would happen if the Earth and Sun were moved closer together. Even just a slight alteration to the coordinates of the Earth could cause catastrophic effects on a global scale. During the day, the temperature soars and all life is subjected to unbearably hot temperatures. When night falls, the thermostat will plummet down to a frozen waste land.

This will be very challenging to any player, simply because it will dramatically reduce the number of plant and animal species around. There will be a mass extinction which will nearly wipe out life on the planet. In order to cope with this reality, players will need to start building their homes underground. This may be difficult to adjust to, but some players will appreciate this change in pace.

How to survive the apocalypse

Players will have to rapidly adjust their building strategies in order to cope with the changing landscape they will see in this mod. Some new players might want some advice on how to survive even just a few days here.

Survival techniques:

– Gather materials at dusk or dawn– Build homes or castles out of stone– Never use wood for building materials

This will be an intense experience for any player, so expect to die a few times before getting things right. In all, this should be a gripping challenge that will raise many eyebrows in the Minecraft community.

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