Smart Moving Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4

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Smart Moving is a mod for Minecraft that opens up a whole new range of actions to help you interact with the world. You can perform amazing ninja like stunts to scale large mountains, or just perfect your diving form to impress all of your friends. One of the key new movements featured in this mod involve better ways to scale ladders and cliffs.

You can now climb ladders at different speed depending on the types of block the ladder is on, and once you reach the top (Or from anywhere on the ladder) do death defying back flips off of them. Ladders can now be placed on ceilings, so that you can use them like monkey bars. Sneaking has been improved and now allows you to actually hide from the many enemies of Minecraft. Crawling is now an option, so that you can get under single blocks in order to reach those tough to get at diamonds deep in caves. Sprinting and jumping have been improved, so that you can run much faster while sprinting, and also perform much longer jumps while doing it.

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When it comes to fun in the water, diving has been added with multiple forms and tricks that can be performed while plunging in the nearest lake. Animations for walking and swimming have been improved to make things look more natural in the game. While not a huge game changing mod, Smart Moving goes a long way towards making Minecraft action feel more intense and life like.

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