SkyBlock Survival Map for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8/1.7.10

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The SkyBlock Survival Map for Minecraft presents the ultimate survival challenge with scant supplies on a tiny island floating in midair. Complete a set of challenges using the most of your resourcefulness and puzzle-solving abilities. You will spawn on a very small L-shaped island of dirt occupied by a single tree and chest.

Within the chest are only two blocks of ice, a bucket of lava and a few pieces of food and miscellany. Your first task is to create the cobblestone generator while being careful not to fall off the narrow platform. And after that?

The Challenges

The goal of the SkyBlock Survival Map isn’t simply to survive but to multiply your minimal resources to fulfill a list of challenges including:

  • Build a house, a furnace and a lake.
  • Farm melons, pumpkins, reeds and wheat.
  • Crafting nine colors of wool.
  • Collect Ender-pearls.
  • Expand the island until mobs can spawn.

To truly get the most out of the spirit of the map, it’s recommended to play at least on easy difficulty and not to simply build to the mainland.

Clever Play

An island of pure sand is visible in the distance, but how do you gather it without destroying it? How do you keep the water from freezing? How can you start a fire without flint? These are the puzzles you must solve to win with 100% completion.

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