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Single Player Commands Mod for Minecraft 1.7.4 / 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 & 1.5.2

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Type ‘T’ to open the command console followed by the command you want to execute. Here is a list of commands you can use:

  • achievement <list|unlock> – Unlock or list all available achievements
  • alias <NAME> <COMMAND> {ARGS} – Connect an alias to one or more words. Very handy if you want to reduce time spend on typing
  • ascend – Easily move to the next platform above you
  • biome – displays the current biome you are in
  • bind <KEYCODE> <COMMAND> {COMMANDPARAMS} – Assign a keyboard button to a command. Great if you need to execute a command fast.
  • bindid <ID> <COMMAND> {ARGS} – The same as “bind” but uses the key id
  • binditem <MOUSEBUTTON {COMMAND}> – If you hold the specified item in your hand, the command will be executed when clicking the bound mouse button
  • bring [ENTITY] – The specified entity will be ported to you
  • cannon [STRENGTH] – Look in any direction and execute this command. A primed TNT packet will fly in that direction. You can control the power of the TNT.
  • calc – use this to calculate stuff :)
  • chest <drop|get|fill|swap|clear> – use this to access your chests
  • clear – the console is cleared by this command
  • clearwater – water clarity is toggled on/off
  • climb – No ladder at hand? No problem! Use this command and climb any surface like spiderman
  • clone [QUANTITY] – Looking at a NPC and executing this command will clone the NPC
  • config <setglobal [reset]> – use the global configuration file as the current configuration
  • confusesuicide – mobs will turn against each other
  • creeper <explosion [enable|disable]> – Creepers without explosion? Pretty creapy if you ask me, but with this command you can do that :)
  • criticalhit [enable|disable] – Turns critical hits on/off
  • clouds [enable|disable] – Set clouds on/off with this command
  • cyclepainting – Looking at a painting and using this command will cycle through it
  • damage – Become superman by turning damage on/off
  • defuse [all] – Defuses any TNT nearby & drops 1 tnt in its place
  • descend – You will be moved to the next platform below your position
  • destroy [all] – The current item will be destroyed
  • difficulty- Enter 0-3 to adjust the difficulty
  • drops – You don’t need any more items? Just turn the drops off. In addition your game will run faster.
  • dropstore – Creates a chest next to you and stores all items in your inventory in that chest.
  • duplicate [all] – Clones the selected item stack
  • effect- manipulates the effects of potions
  • enchant- Use this to enchant the selected item
  • enderman pickup [enable|disable] – Enderman command to enable/disable block pickup
  • explode [SIZE] – BOOM baby BOOM! Trigger an explosion at your position
  • exterminate [SIZE] – Point & Klick? Ah no! Point & Kill :) -> kills the NPC you are pointing at
  • extinguish|ext [all] – Firefighters to the rescue. Puts out all nearby fire
  • falldamage – Toggle fall damage on/off
  • feed- Hungry? Starving? Increase your food bar by the specified quantity
  • firedamage – Toggle fire damage on/off
  • flammable[CATCH] [SPREAD] – Turn any block to be flammable
  • fly [SPEED] – Toggle flying mode on/off + adjust flying speed
  • flymode- Change the way you fly
  • fog [tiny|small|normal|far] – Adjusts render distance. Can speed up the game.
  • freecam – Explore the map using this command
  • freezecam – The players camera is freezed at the current location
  • freeze – All mobs are freezed so the can’t attack you
  • gamemode- Changes between creative or survival mode
  • gamemode toggle – Toggles game mode
  • goto- Goto a waypoint
  • grow [all] – All saplings/wheat ae grown
  • hardcore [enable|disable] – Weel, enables/disables hardcore mode
  • hardcore toggle – Toggles hardcore mode on/off
  • heal- Heals you by the specified amount
  • health- Configures health
  • help [COMMAND] – Same as /h -> gives you more info about the command
  • helmet [ITEM] [QTY] [DAMAGE] – Change the helmet for the player
  • home – Brings you to the spawn point
  • hunger- Adjust your hunger level
  • infiniteitems – Infinite items are toggled on/off
  • invrotate [line|item] – Cycle through your inventory hotbar by rotating either to the next item or the whole line
  • invstore|load|list> – your current inventory is loaded/saved to file
  • instantkill – Any NPC you hit will be killed instantly
  • instantmine – Toggles instant mining on/off
  • instantplant [grow] – Plants saplings (in addition use grow to instantly grow the tree you just have planted)
  • item[QUANTITY] [DAMAGE] – Same as /give and /i -> Gives you the specified item
  • itemdamage – No need to repair ever again. Just make them indistructable with this command
  • itemname – Displays the name and ID of the selected item
  • itemstack[QUANTITY] – Allows you to get any amount of items specified
  • jump – Moves you to where your mouse is pointing. Buggy! Use at your own risk.
  • keepitems – Allows you to keep all your items after death
  • kill – The current player is killed instantly
  • killall- Destroys everything specified by the entity type
  • killnpc [all|monster|animal] – Allows you to kill living creatures, that are near to you
  • light – Toggles permanent lighting on/off
  • listwaypoints – Same as /l -> lists all waypoints
  • longerlegs – Allows you to walk up 1 block by making you legs longer
  • macro- Runs a macro
  • maxstack [ITEMID|ITEMNAME|all] [STACKSIZE] – Set the maximum stack-size between 1-64
  • mobdamage – Toggles mob-damage on/off
  • moveplayer- Specify the direction and the distance in number of blocks and move that amount
  • msg- Prints out a message to the console
  • music [play|pause|skip|stop|VOLUME] – Allows you to play a music track
  • noclip – Toggle no clip on/off.
  • output – Enables/disables SPC messages
  • phelp [COMMAND] – Display plugin help
  • pick [QUANTITY] – Pointing to any block and using this command will give you that block
  • platform – A glass square is instantly put under your feet

How to download & install:

  1. Get to your “.minecraft” and “bin”     **would be best to back up minecraft.jar**
  2. Open minecraft.jar
  3. Rule of thumb* Delete the META-INF folder (for MAC *only* delete Mojang_c files)
  4. Copy the “.class” files inside the Mod to “minecraft.jar” and replacing them in it.
  5. Close it
  6. Copy all the “.jar” files you ever see within the Mod to “.minecraft/bin” (same place where your minecraft.jar lives).
  7. Means that you must copy the WorldEdit.jar in the “bin” folder not inside “minecraft.jar” itself**
  8. Your done.

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    I just want 1.4.4 SPC give it to me ill install it be hapy give you a lolipop if you dont ill kill you :)

  • Totally Annoyed

    This Frickin mod doesnt work. on mc, it just crashes it.

  • Gameruler2012

    LOVIN’ IT!!!

  • thegreatcrafter

    great mod

  • zan6387

    i opend the file then then put com and the 2 .class files in minecraft.jar but i also dont have modloader or forge and whene i open minecraft it’s a black screen and i deleted META-INF what am i doing wrong ? :(

    • zan6387

      oh and also i have 1.4.6

  • Magic Gonads

    ;( i dont bhave twitter facebook OR googleplus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zan6387

      just wait 45 seconds then click the download on the right

  • zan6387

    well i tryed agin and i folowed the stuff and i put every class file and not the com just the class files and only the worldedit and i still get the black screen but atleast i made a backup this time :D

  • mebe123123123

    it did not work it crashed

  • Dom1234

    did u delete meta_inf?

  • ryanjune22

    it worked for me

    • CrashKillerZ

      what did you do? I followed the directions to a T; didn’t work. Tried doing it every other way I could;still didn’t work.. either crashed in game or black screened..

  • Vee

    Hey I’ve got Single player commands but how come I haven’t got no clip, climb and a lot of the controls that they mentioned above??

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    i downloaded it and it works fine but some of the commands aren’t recognized. any ideas?

  • I_Need_Help

    I’m having trouble with downloading this. I can use it when I have no other mods install, but when I install another mod, it crashes. How do I fix this so all of my mods and this will work?

  • Helper

    try using forge

  • minecraft fan

    where do you download the mod

    • bob

      … there is a download page…

  • Blurg

    When i do killall it freezes the mobs? :L

    • Helper for You :D

      does the same thing with me all you have to do is press esc then save and quit then get back on and every mob is gone

      • Hello

        if you just type /killall the game may crash/freeze.

  • Glenn

    It crashed I didn’t see META-INF

  • blockmaster

    Umm i installed the mod but the commands dont work…

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  • Cathy

    the command grow all doesn’t work for me for some reason

  • Sammy Turner

    i can’t use freezecam it says it’s not a command

  • ryan1a


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    killall only kills me and the people on my server

  • Fire

    There is no “bin” folder on macs. Do you mean “versions?”